Giới thiệu tour du lịch các nước châu Á tại đây
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Tripool connect travelers to every corner at Taxi time, shuttle price. Private transports that send travelers to anywhere with guaranteed availability. Yes, you’ve heard me right, to every inch of Taiwan (unfortunately not to offshore islands yet until further notice).

We know travellers would want to seize every travel moments because vacation time is very precious, hence…Tripool allows travelers save on waiting time and at a price of 50% cheaper versus market rate, this star deal surely has fulfilled most travelers’ desire. Who wouldn’t want to see more things but pay lesser?

Tripool is for everyone. Independent travelers who only require transportation where they prefer to travel on their own, for travelers who want only hotel transfer from one to another, or has only a few hours to spare and would like to witness Taiwan’s beauty. Unlike other tour providers, with Tripool, you will not have to pay for drivers’ accommodation, meals, or tips. There is no hidden cost at all.

Gone were the days that one has to spend long hours just to book a tour. With Tripool, transportation booking will not take more than 5 minutes. The booking summary will show a price comparison versus market rate, total travel time, and distance. Being mobile friendly, travelers can book on the go, and best of best, Tripool can accepts reservation one day before, by 6pm (a wow factor for FIT travelers).

With Tripool being such a great travel product, it's a pity if its not shared with everyone. The team is currently working on to provide Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian translations just so we could reach out to every traveler.

Tripool is the new way of travel. It will take Travelers to places that Uber can't reach, cost 50% cheaper than Taxis, and last minute booking promotion is even cheaper than taking a bus!
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