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Activities For You In Cu Chi Tunnels – What To Do?

gửi bởi daitruonglong020694 07 Tháng 9 2019 15:48

Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous symbol of Vietnamese history, consist of various underground tunnels which create a unique and stunning ancient structure. But aside from admiring the tunnels, what else can you do in Cu Chi Tunnels to entertain yourself?

Exploring the underground Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnel system of the Cu Chi Tunnels lies underground, from the main tunnel to the smaller ones, all of them connect with each other, or independently ending depending on the terrain. The tunnel has many small branches that expand out to the Saigon River as well.

The tunnels were not very deep, but they was built to resistant to bullets and the weight of tanks, armored vehicles, and deep sections resisted small bombs during the war. With such complex and mysterious terrain, the Cu Chi Tunnels are not only a popular tourist attraction of Ho Chi Minh City but also the place where many film crews come to record their shows and movies.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour, activity

You can explore the underground tunnel system of Cu Chi Tunnels

Exploring these unique tunnels will be a very interesting and memorable experience because you won’t get to see much destinations like that anywhere else. For those who have heart disease or high blood pressure, you should consider carefully before going under the ground. You can also book a Cu Chi Tunnels tour to have a tour guide who will guide and support you carefully throughout the journey.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

You can book a Cu Chi Tunnels tour to explore the place

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Experience shooting guns in Cu Chi Tunnels

This is a military sport that many visitors enjoy and participate in when traveling to Cu Chi Tunnels. Most guests will feel excited when trying their marksmanship at the shooting range of defense sports. You can choose for yourself the appropriate guns, which had been used during the war. After the full instructions of the staff there, you can try out your shooting skills with the animal-shaped target.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

A lot of travelers enjoy shooting in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Not only participating in shooting, when visiting Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors also participate in the interesting gun assembly. By attending this unique activity, you will understand a little bit more about the brave revolutionary warriors during the Vietnam war, as well as learn more about the magnanimous history of Vietnam.

Playing paintball guns in Cu Chi Tunnels

Paintball shooting is a game that is both sporty and military in nature. In addition to the purpose of relaxation, this game also helps players to improve the ability to judge, coordinate with teammates as well as exercise. Visitors will become soldiers fighting in the natural forest. Each soldier is fully equipped with masks, uniforms, armor and weapons are AR15 or AK47 guns. Many foreign customers are excited about this kind of activity.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

Paintball shooting is a perfect group activity in Cu Chi Tunnels

Paintball shooting game is a type of entertainment that visitors cannot ignore when coming to Cu Chi Tunnels. This game is really interesting but absolute safety. If you ever have the chance to visit Cu Chi Tunnels with your friends, don’t miss the opportunity to attend this amazing paintball shooting game.

Swimming in Cu Chi park

The swimming pool was built in a separate architectural style, with an area of 150 meters square for children and 500 meters square for adults. The swimming pool has a circulating water filtration system, ensuring hygiene and safety of the guests. There are also convenient facilities such as a dressing room, bathroom, restroom and many more.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

The swimming pool in Cu Chi Tunnels

After hours of exciting sightseeing or participate in games, guests can swim in the clear blue water of the pool to enjoy the fresh, airy space. This is also an ideal activity for children who are not very interested in shooting or paintball shooting.

Pedaling and kayaking in Cu Chi Tunnels

Coming to Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors can use the swan-shaped boat and or kayak boat to enjoy the South China Sea simulation lake in the area of Cu Chi, as well as admiring the panoramic view of the lake. For those who are looking for some relaxing and chilling time, this will be the perfect activity.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

The peaceful beauty of the Saigon River

You can also hire a canoe and go for a ride on the upstream of the peaceful Saigon River. The cool breeze of the peaceful countryside will make you feel very comfortable and calm. Plus, the natural sceneries around the river area are absolutely impressing and worth visiting. You will have the feeling of relaxation and also full of romance while cruising on the Saigon River, Cu Chi Tunnels.

Riding a bicycle

Don’t want to get near the water? You can rent a bicycle and slowly riding around the Cu Chi Tunnels area. The refreshing environment of the place will help you relax and reduce stress very effectively.

Have a picnic in Cu Chi Tunnels

In Cu Chi Tunnels, there is a various spacious area with green trees, beautiful natural landscapes and refreshing air for you to have a small picnic with your family or friends. You can bring a small tent, lay it out and spend some simple relaxing time with your loved ones. If you are getting tired of the bustling city life, a quiet and peaceful time in the middle of the trees will help you improve both mental and physical health greatly.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

Travelers can have a small picnic in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Watch 4D movies

In Cu Chi Tunnels, there is an area which shows movies in many different genres such as horror movies, action movies and many more. You can choose whichever one you like, depend on your preference. The projection room is fully equipped with a sound system, lights, air-conditioner, and soundproofing standards, making sure you can have the most amazing movie experience.

The system of seats can vibrate modernly, creating a realistic feeling, like you are participating in the movie. The 4D glasses are also polarized glasses that help the image have a sharp edge.

Cu Chi Tunnels tour activity

Aside from exploring the tunnels, you can also watch some awesome 4D movies

Those are the amazing and interesting activities that you can enjoy when traveling in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam. If you are still hesitating whether you should spend the next vacation in Cu Chi Tunnels or not, I hope this information is enough to persuade you. We really hope to see you in Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam in the near future.
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