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Structure of gas water separator for vacuum pump

gửi bởi yanyan 27 Tháng 10 2020 14:12

Structure of gas water separator for vacuum pump

The water containing gas discharged from the vacuum pump directly enters the gas water separator along the tangent direction of the cylinder, which accelerates the wear of the inlet and inner wall of the gas water separator, reduces the service life of the gas water separator and increases the repair strength.

In order to deal with this problem, the cylinder material of the gas water separator is changed from the original A3 steel to the glass fiber reinforced plastic material with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the pipe spacing between the vacuum pump outlet and the air inlet of the gas water separator is extended to 3.9 m, and the pipe diameter is increased to 325 mm, and the wall thickness is 10 mm seamless steel pipe It reduces the indoor noise and improves the working environment.

On the other hand, it can play a good buffer effect and reduce the scouring force of the air flow into the cylinder. Secondly, the tangential inlet of the separator is changed into radial inlet, and a conical baffle is added at the end face of the radial inlet, which can not only reduce the wear of the inner wall of the cylinder caused by the radial inlet, but also play a buffer effect again. After all, the return water pipe at the bottom of the air separator is connected to the concrete trench, so that the backwater enters the circulating water system and is reused.
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